Behind the Lens: A Captivating Photoshoot with a Famous YouTuber


In the digital age, YouTube has become a platform that propels ordinary individuals to global stardom. Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to conduct a mesmerizing photoshoot with none other than Tomboy_a_bit, a household name known for her captivating content about her passion for motorbikes and dedicated fanbase. My mission was to capture the essence of their unique persona and showcase their vibrant personality through the lens. Before delving into the photoshoot, let’s dive into the planning process.

Photoshoot Experience:

Armed with a clear vision, we scouted various locations that aligned with Deimante’s preferences and the chosen concepts. We ensured the settings reflected their vibrant personality and allowed their true self to shine through. With a keen eye for detail, we captured a series of candid shots and carefully choreographed poses that encapsulated their energy.

Throughout the shoot, we maintained open communication with Tomboy_a_bit, giving her the freedom to express herself fully. I encouraged her to unleash their creativity, while also offering gentle guidance to capture the desired essence. By establishing a comfortable and collaborative environment, we fostered an atmosphere where Deimante felt at ease and truly showcased her authentic self.


It was really a pleasure working with Deimante as during the photoshoot sessions and the trip that we had together to other places of the island we shared our passion for photography, content creation and entrepreneurship.

Special thanks to J.L. Motorace and Indian Motorcycle Cyprus for arranging the bike for us for the needs of this photoshoot.

Have a look at the album below and let me know which one is your favourite.

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